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Indonesian information technology development is strongly influenced by human resource capacity in the understanding of information technology components, such as hardware and computer software; either LAN network system or WAN and telecommunications systems that will be used to transfer data. The need for energy-based information technology continues to rise; this can be seen with many types of jobs that require skills in information technology in various fields; Also the number of capable human resources in the field of information technology is still small, when compared with the total population of Indonesia. Needed a national information technology framework that will bring people of Indonesia prepared to face global commerce that can provide universal access to information to the public in a fair and equitable, improve coordination and optimal utilization of information, increasing efficiency and productivity.
The role that can be provided by the application of this technology is to obtain information for personal life such as information about health, hobbies, recreation, and spiritual. Then for professions such as science, technology, trade, business news, and associations profesi.Sarana cooperation between individuals or groups with one person or a group of others without knowing the limits of distance and time, country, race, economic class.
The development of information technology to spur a new way of life, from the beginning until the end of life, life as it is known as e-life, meaning life has been influenced by a variety of needs electronically. And now it was lively with various letters that begin with the prefix e, such as e-commerce, e-government, e-education, e-library, e-journals, e-medicine, e-laboratory, e-biodiversitiy, and others again based electronics ..
Information and communication technology (ICT) is currently very developed in the community. Generally, information technology is a technology that is used to manage data, including therein: processing, obtain, compile, store, manipulate data in various ways and procedures to produce quality information and high use value. ICT development continues to increase with human needs. The current trend in the use of electronic means e popping. Such as e-education, e-government, e-learning and so forth. Information and Communication Technology as ingrained in every human being in this era, Information and Communication Technology which has global as well able to cover all aspects of the life.
In the field of education, ICT has many roles. Information technology has become pengalihfungsian as books, teachers and teaching systems that previously were conventional. Information technology causes the science into growing and developing. However, ICT also has many drawbacks. ICT not only provide positive dapak, but also have a negative impact on life, one that stands out is in the field of education. This fact is encouraging writers desire to reveal more about the impact of Information and Communication Technology Activity Against Human progress has been achieved in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is something we should be grateful because with the advances will enable people to do the work and tasks she had to do. However, not all the progress that has been achieved positive impact. Among the progress that has been achieved it can have negative impacts for humans. Below will be presented positive impact (gain) and negative (losses) on the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the field of social, educational, economic, and governance.
B. Restrictions problem
For more terarahnya writing this paper, the authors limit as beriku
1. The definition of information technology
2. The development of technology in all fields
3. The use of information technology
C. Objectives
Purpose of this paper is to provide information about technological developments that are expected for the next generation to evoke the spirit of studying diligently in order to be creative and innovative. Finally, in turn, is expected next generation so excited to start looking into the potential of natural resources and human resources potential of Indonesia. If generus such as bureaucrats are expected to trigger the movements love of science and technology to boost economic growth in the Republic of Indonesia beloved.

1.1 Definition of information technology
Information technology is a technology used to process the data, including processing, obtain, compile, store, manipulate data in various ways to produce quality information, which is information that is relevant, accurate and timely, which is used for personal, business, and government and is a strategic information for decision making. This technology uses a computer to process data, network system to connect one computer to another computer as needed, and telecommunications technology is used so that data can be distributed and accessed globally.
According to Martin et al. (2002: 1) its own means of information technology, computer technology is used to process and store information and communications technology used to transmit information. TI definition is very broad and covers all forms of technology used in capturing, manipulating, communicating, presenting, and using the data to be converted into information (Martin et al., 2002: 125). This theory is reinforced by the development of information technology we can access information and disseminate information in an easy way. Even with information technology called the internet we can get or give more information to the short time ..
Information technology up to now growing very rapidly along with the discovery and development of science in the field of information and communication. It is able to create tools that support the development of information technology, ranging from communication systems
up to unidirectional communication tools and two-way (interactive).
Basically the information technology equipment includes three main tools:
a) .SistemKomputer
Computer is an electronic device that is capable of receiving, processing, and storing the data, and generates output in the form of text, images, symbols, numbers and sounds. In the operation, the shape, the system and its function, the computer consists of 2 (two).
1) Hardware (PerangkatKeras)
To meet the demand for the kinds of information, people always to develop the hardware to support it. To accommodate this interest, humans created various tools that support that desire. Computer hardware devices can be grouped into an input device (didntaranya: Keyboard, Scanner), the process (including: CPU), output devices and data storage (such as: monitors, and printers), and a data storage device (such as: CD-ROM, Compact Disc, Floppy Disk, Hard disk).
Details on computer perangat you will gain too padamodul3.
a) Keyboard
The keyboard is a tool to enter data or commands to the CPU (Central Processing Unit).
b) Scanner
Scanner is a tool to enter data such as pictures / graphics and turn it into a digital form that can be processed and combined denganbentukdatayangberupateks.
c) CentralProcessingUnits
Certral Processing Units (CPU) is a tool that serves as a processor (processing) data. CPU is a series of circuits that store instuksi-processing instructions and temporary data storage.
d) Monitor
Monitor is a tool that can display text or image of the data in the process.

e) Printer
The printer is a tool for producing the data output (output) print the form, whether it be text.
f) CDRom
CD Rom is an additional tool (instrument peripherals) that is capable of storing and write data and programs through media Compact Disk (CD). The tool is designed to be able to write and read data or program through optical system.
g) compactdisk
Compact Disk (CD) is a storage medium made of plastic material. The process of data storage.
h) floppydisk
Floppy Disk is an additional tool to store or write data to disk or vice versa. Commonly used size is the size of 3.5 inches.
i) Disk
Hard drive is an additional tool for storing data in large capacity magnetically coated.
2) Software (PerangkatLunak)
Software is a computer program that contains a set of instructions made by using a special language. This program as giving orders to the computer to perform various operations / processing of the data contained in the program or data entered by users komputer.Singkat said software is the 'soul' while the hardware to function as a 'body' in a computer.
In general, the software can be classified into two (2) classes of system software and application software. ,
b) JaringanSistemKomunikasi
Communication network is a system that is able to connect and combine multiple points of communication into a single entity that is capable of interacting with one another.
1) Telephone
Telephone is a two-way communi

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