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usf blackboard Purpose of this paper is to provide information about technological developments that are expected for the next generation to evoke the spirit of studying diligently in order to be creative and innovative. Finally, in turn, is expected next generation so excited to start looking into the potential of natural resources and human resources potential of Indonesia. If generus such as bureaucrats are expected to trigger the movements love of science and technology to boost economic growth in the Republic of Indonesia beloved.
Information technology is a technology used to process the data, including processing, obtain, compile, store, manipulate data in various ways to produce quality information, which is information that is relevant, accurate and timely, which is used for personal, business, and government and is a strategic information for decision making. This technology uses a computer to process data, network system to connect one computer to another computer as needed, and telecommunications technology is used so that data can be distributed and accessed globally.
According to Martin et al. (2002: 1) its own means of information technology, computer technology is used to process and store information and communications technology used to transmit information. TI definition is very broad and covers all forms of technology used in capturing, manipulating, communicating, presenting, and using the data to be converted into information (Martin et al., 2002: 125). This theory is reinforced by the development of information technology we can access information and disseminate information in an easy way. Even with information technology called the internet we can get or give more information to the short time ..
Information technology up to now growing very rapidly along with the discovery and development of science in the field of information and communication. It is able to create tools that support the development of information technology, ranging from communication systems

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